Digital Strategy

Consulting, Research, Planning, Measurement & Analytics, Conversion Rate Optimization, Reporting

Website Development

Creative Design, UI & UX, Website Development, Content Management System, Ecommerce, Web Application, Mobile Application, VPS, Hosting & Email, Web Maintenance

Mobile Application

Creative Design, UI & UX, Website Development, Content Management System, Games, Ecommerce Apps, Blackberry Apps, iOS Application, Android Application, Server, Apps Maintenance

Graphic Design

Logo design, banner design, motion graphic, infographic, poster, vector, art, cartoon, wpap, and others.

Alan Creative

Alan Creative is a crative agency under PT. Alan Mediatech Indonesia. Alan Creative creates a web and mobile applications like iOS & android apps. We helped our clients to build customized their technology solutions, from nothing to everything, from offline to online, e-commerce till e-learning, from corporate website to the sophisticated asset integrity management systems, from apps installed in your mobile to SaaS in the cloud.

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"Saya melihat alan creative tidak hanya mengejar keuntungan, tapi bagaimana memberikan pelayanan yang baik untuk mendapat sebanyak-banyaknya konsumen. Ini langkah awal yang baik!"

- Mahasiswa Universitas Islam Bandung

"CEO Alan telah menjadi partner Rusni Group Printing sejak awal berdiri. Jadi tidak heran dan tidak perlu diragukan hasilnya. Maju terus!"

Andi Rusni, SE, M.Si
- Ketua F-Gerindra DPRD Kab. Sumbawa

"Alan Creative tidak hanya memberikan pelayanan yang baik namun juga hasil yang kreatif, inovatif, dan modern. Saya sudah cukup puas dengan hasil yang diberikan, mulai desain hingga pembuatan website yayasan dan desa kami."

Arifin, S.Sos
- Kades Gontar Baru, Sumbawa

"Waktu desain di Alan Creative itu senang banget, selain hasilnya yang bagus, harganya juga worth it dengan kualitas. Terimakasih sudah bantu Dewira Manset, semoga Alan sukses selalu."

Chintia Dewira, SE
- Owner Dewira Manset


We create an office like home, as a workplace and a playground. Because comfort is the main thing to make a solid team

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Awesome Works

as innovators, designers, developers, programmers, and strategists, our client work defines us. Take a look at our recent projects.

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The future belongs to those who see possibilities before they become obvious.

Mobile Apps
Graphic Design
Digital Strategy


This is first step for every projects that we we undertake. Our Expert team sits down with our client for a through discussion to understand the exact needs of our clients.

Client requirement are there after analyzed. Based on the analysis, project timeline, and mailstones are setup and finalized after approval from the clients.

The designing team take over from here and create an elegant and user friendly UI design. Once the design is approved, the developing team step in implementing the functionalities and processes.

Once the application is developed, it goes through rigorous testing scenarios. This makes sure that the application is entirely bug free with a smooth working flow.

After getting the green signal from our testing team, the application is then submitted to the clients.